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Organic Fruits & Vegetables

B&B Organics, the Midwest's only major distributor of certified organic fruits and vegetables, has been serving a long list of satisfied customers for more than 15 years from our headquarters in Indiana.

Our Goals

  • Supply the freshest and highest quality organic produce at affordable prices
  • Provide our customers the finest service and efficient delivery
  • Assure our customers reliable supply by maintaining strong relationships with our organic grower and supplier network
  • Help our customers grow their businesses

Working to Help Improve Lives

Founded in 2001 by a nutritionist who learned that the health of patients improved more rapidly when they ate organic foods, the goal of B&B Organics has always been to supply the freshest and highest quality certified organic fruits and vegetables available at an affordable price. B&B serves Food Cooperatives, Health Food Stores, and Buying Groups in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. We continually strive to serve our customers efficiently and effectively, with personal attention focused on their needs.

Questions? Contact us at 574-256-2155 and we will be pleased to assist you.

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Please visit if you are a consumer who wants to order certified organic produce for pick-up at one of our convenient locations in the Michiana area.

Interested in Starting a Co-op?

There are many benefits to participating in a food-buying club

  • Save Money
  • Fresh Produce
  • Direct Delivery
  • Foster Community
  • 100% Certified Organic Produce
  • Weekly Specials
  • Customer Support

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