About B&B Organics, Inc.

Dedicated to Providing the Best to our Customers

About B&B Organics Inc

B&B Organics is continually seeking the highest quality certified organic produce at the best cost to help our customers reach their goals.

We are motivated by knowing that countless families benefit from both our dedication and the healthy natural goodness of our organic foods at an affordable price.

What Sets Us Apart?

There are five major qualities that enable us to serve you better

  1. First, our customers’ success is the key to ours.  We take pride in helping them achieve their goals. We stay in regular contact to assist with ordering, displaying, and marketing our organic products. Our “Customers Come First policy explains why our customers are so loyal.
  2. Second, we are locally owned and operated by a family with the highest standards. Since we opened in 2001, we have been dedicated to providing our customers the highest quality certified food at affordable prices. Our non-commissioned sales representatives regularly contact and assist our customers to  help them achieve their goals.
  3. Third, B&B Organics sells only Certified Organic Food. Moreover, our strictly controlled inventory and distribution standards eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination from the co-mingling of organic and conventional products, which can occur when providers store or deliver organic and conventional products together. The safety of your food is of paramount importance to us.
  4. Fourth, we feature over 300 certified organic produce items weekly. You can choose from a potential list of thousands of the freshest items available anywhere.
  5. Fifth, we all believe in the importance of eating organically grown food. At B&B, we believe that food and good health are inescapably intertwined.  We are dedicated to supplying the most nutritious, organically grown food to our customers.

Contact us today at 574-256-2155 to learn more about the ways we can help you with your specific interests.